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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A trail of breadcrumbs

“…we should hear not his word through the tongues of men, nor the voice of angels, nor the clouds' thunder, nor any symbol, but the very Self which in these things we love…” — Saint Augustine
My last post here, on genetic evolution, was followed by a note from John Katz on his sister’s cat. I told myself to try to be a little more spontaneous. But, it’s hard. You may have noticed there are quite a few words on the internet (Google estimates about 100 trillion), so I feel a responsibility to make sure mine have some value (not that the cat doesn’t). 
This blog is like a trail of breadcrumbs, for people to follow, and join, the 29 Pieces  journey.  We’re in the early stages of the project.  
At our first 29 Pieces Board meeting, last May, we decided an important early objective of the organization would be internet outreach.  This blog, and our Tumblr and Facebook pages, are part of the process.  
Arianna Huffington had a very interesting article the other day (“Museums 2.0”), about museums and social media.  It talks about the purposes of art, and the balance between discourse and contemplation.  The article and comments are worth reading for those of us involved in this project. The inspiration behind the 29 pieces is utterly contemplative (passage meditation), but the project has already involved other visual artists, poets and writers, photographers, and filmmakers.  The ultimate goal will be when the art appears full-size before us, and speaks for itself.   
— Kelly Nash


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