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Friday, August 23, 2013

Creative Connections Workshop Creates Meaningful Experiences

Greg Colgan, Member, 29 Pieces Board of Directors

The August Creative Connections workshop brought many enlightening experiences to our participants. Our day began with an introduction to 29 Pieces, which are 29 Pieces of art, inspired by the sacred words and poetry from many ancient traditions.  

29 Pieces #11: Let Me Walk in Beauty
In a quiet and nurturing atmosphere, everyone meditated together and then created their own art, inspired by words from the poetry and books of the world's visionaries and mystics, such as St Therese of Lisieux, the Bible, Rabbi Abraham Isaac, Chief Yellow Lark and more. 

Artwork #11 (above) is created from Chief Yellow Lark's prayer entitled "Let Me Walk in Beauty."

Ramey Colgan
"I loved the message and structure of the class.
I was amazed at how Karen was able to move people, provoke thoughts 
and guide us to find our creative side, even those of us who don't normally think we're creative!" Ramey Colgan

Ashley Hoyland

Greg Colgan
Participants left the workshop spiritually refreshed and with a piece of original art of their own making.

Melanie Ferguson

 "I am grateful for a day set aside for artful meditation and prayer-like creativity. The opportunity to simply be and make.  You have invited us into stillness and gratitude, and low and behold it's a salve to the dynamic static I often walk around it."  Melanie Ferguson

Sarah Maple
"It was calming.
It came at a time of great turmoil for me.
It strengthened me to face challenges ahead."
Sarah Maple

There will be more Creative Connections workshops in the future.  Stay connected with 29 PiecesBlogs, Facebook and Twitter for information on future workshop dates.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Call for Artists

Artwork by Rebecca McWatters

The Peace Project's 4th annual Call for Artists:
Peace, Love and Understanding

The Peace Project's 4th annual Call for Artists brings together artists from all over the world in a united message of Peace, Love and Understanding.

Since The Peace Project's inception in 2010:
  • 2,000 artists from over 50 countries worldwide have participated
  • Over 25,000 people worldwide have donated time, money, art and services
  • Dozens of children in Sierra Leone are receiving an education through The Peace Project
  • On World Peace Day 2011, The Peace Project distributed 10,000 crutches across Sierra Leone, changing the lives of people instantly
Your can participate this year by submitting your artwork with the theme of Peace, Love and Understanding. If you're making LOVE art for the Dallas Love Project, you certainly can submit your artwork to The Peace Project!  Deadline for submissions is August 23, 2013. Or attend the traveling exhibit coming to Dallas this fall and BUY ART!

29 Pieces is once again hosting this one night exhibition of the world's largest collaborative art project on Saturday, October 12, 2013.

For more information about The Peace Project and submission guidelines, Click HERE.

Follow 29 Pieces on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date of this and other events coming up this fall.  www.facebook.com/29pieces  @29pieces