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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

when self has ceased to be.

Number 16: I want to hide myself in you (If you and I melt together)

Starting December 27, 2010, I chose the following passage to “unpack” — line by line — as a daily practice to take me into the New Year.
And what is the “unpacking” process? It involves deep concentration on one line at a time, and then writing my response to that line – first with my dominant hand, and then with my non-dominant hand. There are plenty of references on the web to the process of dominant and non-dominant hand-writing. If you haven’t tried it, you may want to. I venture a guess that you will surprise yourself.

I’ll be interested to see what this passage has hidden for me.

Cast Aside What Limits You
— By Dov Baer of Mezherich

The human body is finite;
         the spirit is boundless.
Before you begin to pray,
         cast aside what limits you
         and enter into the world of the Infinite.
Turn to God alone
         and have no thoughts of self at all.
Nothing but God exists for you
         when self has ceased to be.

Dov Baer (d. 1772) was the chief disciple and successor of Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer, the Baal Shem Tov or “Master of the Good Name,” founder of the Hasidic movement of Jewish mysticism, which places devotional prayer at the center of the spiritual life.

Right Hand:

when self has ceased to be . . .

(Written on January 8, 2011)
. . . every shadow on the floor, every reflection off the hood of a car will induce humility.
That’s God below me and God blinding me.

A sharp word from another’s mouth will make me pause with compassion and understand that I just may not understand.

I’ll really get it that it’s not all up to me, and that even that thought is loaded with arrogance.

The compulsions that mystify me will fizzle out.

Every waking moment will be in awe of the wonder world that surrounds me like the ocean.

The sustenance and protection of the Self I see in others will be One + the same with the living force in me.

King, Queen, or custodian, it will all be the same to me.

So much of how I’ve spent my energies will look ridiculous to me.

I’ll see – it doesn’t matter what I do, as long as what I do is kind. Corinthian, Kipling, the Gita – this is the bottom line.

Left hand:
when self has ceased to be.

. . . I’m so ready.

I say this, but think now, are you really ready to move forward with hope, love, insight, and disengage from the outcome? With 29 Pieces, you didn’t manufacture it. It is quite possibly not your responsibility or quarter to make the call on exactly what it’s going to be.
A stationary place.
An energy.
A traveling show in someone else’s tent.
A traveling show in it’s own tent.
They may not want to travel.
A destination or a tourist?

All in one place.

When self has ceased to be, I can relax + just ride the waves.
— Karen Blessen


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