Enter Into Joy

Monday, December 6, 2010


Number 17. Enter into the joy. Overflowing records and unruly spirits.

Question: Discuss more why you believe in this project.

When I began the passage meditation process, and was exposed to the sacred writings from many cultures, they opened up a portal to a creative, profound journey for me. And they showed me a new window into the meaning and wisdom that I was searching for in life. My belief in the 29 Pieces project is a compelling conviction that the longing for meaning, healing and wisdom that I experienced is not unique. It is shared by many, many people of every socio-economic background, of every color, and of every belief.  The 29 Pieces art, the workshops, the online presence, the performances, and the film will all be tools to manifest wisdom and beauty into a tangible, new artistic form. And I feel that people are hungering for this, just as I was.

Question: How will this transform people’s lives?

The art of 29 Pieces, as well as the workshops and the online presence are all instruments of a process, a way to form a relationship with people . . . a deeper relationship that is beyond the usual daily interactions. The wisdom of the sacred writings manifests in a new way – as large-scale art. In life today, we often feel overwhelmed by the bombardment and sheer weight of frustrations and bad news. We are longing for something else, and may not even know what it is. The scale of the art in 29 Pieces commands attention and envelops the viewer in the experience of art and sacred wisdom. 29 Pieces will encourage people to enter deeper levels of consciousness - away from the agitations of daily life. A whole new perspective on life is opened up. The 29 Pieces workshops, online presence, and performances will all be parts of this process of connecting with people more deeply, in diverse and new ways. 
— Karen Blessen


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