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Saturday, December 4, 2010

What's in a Number

The 29 miners in the New Zealand coal mine

29 ….. Pieces of art, spiritual in nature, transformative in intent, the genesis which began this creative reaction was an act of extreme violence by a stranger. 29…. is also the number of miners that died recently on the other side of the planet in a New Zealand coal mine explosion. The lives of everyone who knew those miners will be changed forever, initially in a very terrible way. Yet out of that awful destruction might come, over time, seeds of rebirth and creativity. We never know. Many are crushed and understandably destroyed by tragedy. Others can, by some mysterious means, survive and turn that awfulness into something that might help others. People who have that ability should be encouraged and supported, for it is a rare talent.
— John Katz
27 of the 29 men whose lives were lost in the New Zealand coal mine


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