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Saturday, September 18, 2010

You are so beautiful. To me.

Originally written August 6, 2010. Hot in Dallas - over 100 every day this week. But beautiful. Big puffy clouds, blue sky. Quiet mornings writing in the journal.

The moth on the spiral staircase.
This past Monday, I was walking up the steps to the studio, and stopped to look at a simple tan + dark brown moth that was resting on the rail. It was perfectly still, and it stopped me with its beauty. It was not a showy swallowtail, or even a monarch - just a plain brown moth. And it was so beautiful in its perfection from every angle - this side, the other, the top, the bottom - that it moved me to my core. The browns blended into one another in a way that would put to shame an exquisite Turkish textile. Just a moth - one we might brush away. We barely stop to really look at the flashy ones anymore.

I thought to myself - I wonder if he looks at me and thinks - You are so beautiful.

And then I thought of 29 Pieces - Each piece is going to have to be that Self-possessed — that entirely beautiful from every angle. Not like stage design or party props - but fully conceived, and as breathtaking as this moth.
– Karen Blessen


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