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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Here I am

Originally written 
July 23, 2010
(posted September 9, 2010)

"When You Call"
                  – From Isaiah

"Then when you call, the Lord will answer;
When you cry, He will say, Here I am."

Last week, Roy, who mows our yard, was outside mowing. When I heard his lawnmower, I went outside to move my car off of the driveway so that he could mow the grass under my car.

In the time it took me to walk to my car, move it, and then come back to the house, Roy stopped the lawnmower three times and walked over to talk to me. Each time, it was to tell me a short story about God's grace.

Story #1: Roy's truck wouldn't start the day before he came to do our yard. So he prayed, and said "God, I need my truck so that I can do my work. God, I thank you in advance for seeing a way to fix my truck. Thanks be to God. I do need my truck fixed by tomorrow so that I can do my work." That evening, Roy's nephew came over and got the truck running again.

Roy started his mower again, but before I could get into my car, he stopped the mower:
Story #2: "Karen, my weed eater broke. And I can't afford to buy a new weed eater. So I said - God, thank you in advance for providing me with a weed eater. I really do need a new weed eater, but I can't buy one. And you know what happened? That night, my neighbor was standing outside and said 'Roy, I bought a new weedeater. Would you like to have this one? It still works just fine.' So, I got a weedeater. God is good."

I moved my car, walked back toward the house, and Roy stopped the mower again. I could hear Mr. Patrick - our 95 year old neighbor - mowing in his front yard.
Story #3: Roy says, "Your neighbor couldn't get his lawn mower started, so he asked me what I'd charge to mow his yard. I said, I'll mow your yard, but let me see if I can get your mower started first. Which he did, and Mr. Patrick was able to continue mowing his yard - 95 years old, right there in the middle of a hot July day. I said, "It's amazing that Mr. Patrick can still mow his yard at the age of 95." Roy said, "Thanks be to God. It's a blessing of God. God is good."

So I thanked Roy again. He and I shook hands. He said, God Bless You and your husband." I said, "God bless you, Roy." And I walked in to the house thinking, OK, maybe I need to get as precise as Roy and his weedeater in what I ask for. And maybe I should try thanking God in advance.

So of course, my first thought is: we need $10 million for 29 Pieces. Roy thanks God in advance for a weed eater and I thank God in advance for $10 million. Doesn't feel right.

I came back in, got quiet, and wrote:

If I were to thank God in advance for what we need for 29 Pieces, for Today Marks the Beginning, what would that be?

For 29 Pieces:
A consistent, unwavering engagement with the process.
Other committed, passionate people
Fascination with the experience
Focus on the goal.
– Karen Blessen


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