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Thursday, September 30, 2010

How do you translate wind to words?

OK - so how do you take something that flows like a river, or blows like the wind, and translate it into words, so that you can speak about it and persuade others  that it deserves to exist? That's been my challenge, in breaking down the experience of creating the 29 Pieces of art that make up the 29 Pieces project and then framing it up in bits and bites, so that others understand and respond. Not everyone needs persuasion . . . many people walk into the space where the art is displayed and deeply get it without me saying a word. That's the best reaction. Their questions have to do with the particulars, and the stories of each piece of art. But, how about when I'm not in the room with the art . . . when I'm just talking about it? How do I describe a compelling, convicted experience, and become a catching force for those who I want to invite to come on the boat with me?

This is proving to be an art form unto itself. Break it down . . . first the story behind it, then the art itself, the artist, the vision, the cost, the context. As Ghandi said, "One bite of the elephant at a time." But even then, something feels uncomfortable in the process . . . like I'm trying to tame a wild panther, and then look into his eyes and worry that I've betrayed him in my desire to shape him.

Every step of the way on this journey is into the unknown. Without packing a suitcase, I'm on the biggest, most life changing trip of my life.
— Karen Blessen


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