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Sunday, September 15, 2013

What IS 29 Pieces and Why Should You Give?

Dallas LOVE Project

Barbara Miller - Creative Connections Workshop
Ann Hines - Creative Connections Workshop
MasterPEACE IF Lesson

29 Pieces began as one artist’s personal, spiritual response to a murder.

Through commitment and passion, it has become a vibrant, growing organization that touches universal responses to the meaning and value of life. 

Its vision is one of hope - to create a provocative, spiritual and purpose-driven art experience. 29 Pieces exists to empower children and adults by directly connecting them with their creative center – changing the way they learn, they way they problem solve, the way they interact with the world around them. 

Please support 29 Pieces on September 19, North Texas Giving Day, by giving generously through
 DonorBridgeTX.org.  Your dollars will be doubled by matching funds from the
29 Pieces Board of Directors.
29 Pieces Art #28 "Let me walk in beauty"
Dallas LOVE Project
MasterPEACE Love Lesson
Support 29 Pieces programming on Thursday, September 19 between
7AM-Midnight by giving generously at DonorBridgeTX.org

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Make Your Mark by Doubling Your Dollars

Make Your Mark next Thursday, September 19, on North Texas Giving Day! Donations given between 7AM - Midnight through DonorBridgeTX.org will be matched dollar-for-dollar by 29 Pieces Board of Directors.  Plus, all donations $25 or more will be eligible for bonus funds through Communities Foundation of Texas.

Support 29 Pieces and help us grow our MasterPEACE program in the coming year!  Let's put MasterPEACE in more DISD schools!