Enter Into Joy

Monday, July 22, 2013

Creative Connections Workshop

Our Creative Connections workshop on July 13 produced some creative and inspiring artwork and comments from our participants.
Our August 17 workshop is full...but contact Karen Blessen at karen@29pieces.org to reserve your spot in September.

“The writing exercise was very insightful.  
Wonderful selection of art materials to work with.  
The explanation of the background of the 29 Pieces was excellent.  
Loved the workshop—so glad I did it!”
 Margaret Culgan

 “I like the atmosphere.  Participating began -- even walking in the door -- 
by being friendly and open.  Karen enhanced this, and we quickly shared (and cried) together. This my be typical of this event or it may be specific to this group, 
but I loved it!”
Janet Lumpkin

“Really loved the entire workshop!  Especially hearing Karen’s story, 
the readings of passages and dominant/non-dominant journaling.  
Thoroughly enjoyed building collage around my chosen passage.”
 Ceil McDermott

 “Very powerful experience!  I was amazed at the depth of work and inspired by insights of all participants. A great way to slow down and get in touch with your deep, creative self and moves one closer to experiencing real joy.”
Vicki Millican

 “I felt really engaged throughout.  
Loved every bit.  The day flew by.  
Meditation has never seemed accessible, until now."
Liz Trosper

 “I want to be able to spend time in Karen’s gallery of the small 29 Pieces. 
I could hardly keep from crying because of the spirit that came through.  
The writing was very interesting as my non-dominant hand 
had a very different way of speaking.  
The art is always fun for me.  Stopping is hard!”
Jenny Jackson-Paton

What works in the 29 Pieces workshop? 
“Everything!  It was helpful to hear you share how you started the process of meditating and showing us your work from the 29 Pieces.  The book (God Makes the Rivers to Flow) will inspire us to continue creating.”
Maria Teresa Pedroche