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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I hear a murmur

John Katz and Kevin Althans at the Murmur site

I hear a murmur

Railroad trains, clunking metal,
wind through the holes in
the building.

Cathedral ceiling.
A blotted history. What
                  happened here hurt
                  people, poisoned the
                  soil, poisoned people.

It sits waiting.
Could this be the home
                  of 29 Pieces?
A Phoenix rising?
Beauty, spirit, wise
                  colossal reminders
                  emerging from this
                  stained landmark?

There’s a softness present,
                  A quietness . . . something . . .
                  Something like a murmur.
                  Something like home.


But hold on. You can’t move in
                  yet. There are formalities.
                  There are rings to exchange,
                  vows to be made, papers
                  to be drawn up + signed.

Patience, patience, patience.
— Karen Blessen


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