Enter Into Joy

Monday, November 1, 2010

Defying Sorrow

An invisible thread divides daylight from dark.

Stars fall on either side.

Each one kisses the other when its time comes.

Troubles of day give way to restfulness of night;

Terrors of night finally receive the light of day

Each does its part to defy sorrow, protesting its claim to hold an eternal grip — by sailing right through it.

The way from sorrow to joy is a chartless course, its length uncertain and its path unique for every traveler. 

Everyone will go this way, but not alone.

Sun, moon, and stars unmade by human hands map out, not the way, but the certainty of the infinite power of change that lives in the world.

So just as night turns to day and day to night making their difference melt at a single point, “never let me be burdened by the sorrow of not starting again.”*
– By Charme Robarts
* From Let Me Walk in Beauty” Attributed to Chief Yellow Lark


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