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Friday, October 15, 2010

New Perspectives on Art

Detail from the underwater installation by artist Jason de Caires Taylor

Most excitingly, there will be an increasingly rich dialogue between the artist and the audience. Art is going to reach so many more people and will not be perceived as something “exotic” or marginalized – but rather as a normal mode of existence along with other pursuits. . . Ultimately, entirely new types of artists will emerge from all of this. Artists are, at heart, opportunity-seekers who transform the world around us. They give me tremendous enthusiasm.”
   Richard Koshalek, director of the Smithsonian Institutions’s Hirshorn Museum, from Smithsonian Magazine

That is one person's opinion about where art might be headed, albeit a person with some authority.

The other day I came across an article about a British sculptor who has constructed many life size human figures out of concrete and submerged them off the coast of Mexico. His ultimate goal was that they would - over time - form the basis of a new coral reef. So here we have a person who, with vivid imagination, has created a new art form with multi purpose intentions, in the most unlikely of environments. It’s this kind of imagination that some artists can bring to light which it seems to me is entirely lacking in political leaders around the world. If they employed some of this imagination and replaced their greed and megalomania some of the seemingly intractable human dilemmas would disappear.

– John Katz


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