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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lock stock and barrel

Originally written on October 10+11, 2010

There are some days when you just keep doing the work, work in faith, and keep taking steps forward.

Monday morning. A list of tasks ahead — none are my favorite things . . . Excel spreadsheets, a database, calls to the email service, calls to PayPal, computer conflicts to resolve. But this is all part of building something – the transcendant idea doesn’t manifest without the small tasks required to build something that works.

It isn’t just the art, it's the lists of supporters, the thank you letters, the printed materials, the meetings, the daily computer problems, the disagreements, the disappointments, the moments when you fall into blaming someone else, and the resolve to bear with it all. This is all part of the process. Dig into it all. Lock, stock and barrel.

“I beseech thee to grant me the grace to continue in thy presence.”

Yes, keep me in line, please – because I do – from time to time – still feel that urge to step away from you . . .
— Karen Blessen


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