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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thank You + Stay Tuned

I am happy to report that the January 29 Masquerade Ball was a smashing success, with 4 terrific bands, fencing demonstrations, dancers, poets, a DJ, food, drink, and more elaborate masks and costumes than you can imagine. There were 415 fabulous people in attendance, a tremendous turnout. An upcoming video will be released soon, and there are lots of pix of the goings on, on Facebook. 29 Pieces is on a ROLL. The success of this event is due entirely to Kevin Spurgin  & Darryl Ratcliff of the Green Bandana Group, who made the whole event the success it was. If you were there, thanks very much for showing your support, and if you were not, you missed a GREAT party. Not to worry though. You will have an opportunity to redeem your error at the NEXT 29 Pieces EVENT.    

Stay Tuned.

Thanks again.

— John Katz, Board Member, 29 Pieces


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